fredag 14 september 2012

Arab robbed swede and left him to die on a train track. The New Sweden, almost no convictions.


Arab robbed swede, left him to die on a train track. This is the New Sweden, almost no convictions, almost no criminal refugees are expelled. Refugees are given housing, food, furniture, cash. They are given the same standard as the swedes worked for all their lives with any demands or work requirements or need to return home.

Mass immigration of mostly arabs and africans and others from primitive parts of the world gave sweden the highest crime record in Europe. Incompetent politicians and courts governed directly by politicians gave us the lowest conviction rates in Europe. The courts are populated by the same politicians who virtually removed all borders and permit virtually every refugee to remain no matter what excuse or reason they give. The record low conviction rates can therefore be explained/ They courts prefer to set immigrants free to show that they are tolerant. This practice leads to radical increases in crime rates and new masses of immigrants with doubtful record. Not only is nearly all asylum seekers allowed to stay but they get child support, free housing, cash and benefits beyond what any other nation offers. Often refugees ask for welfare money for a vacation trip to their old country. There are weekly and daily charter flights taking refugees back to their old homeland, they often stay home for months and come back to sweden when they need to collect more money.

A more "tolerant" country don't exist. But the correct term is not tolerant. Insane is a more fitting term but no politician is held accountable by media, since media is on their side. Media is paid by the government in exchange for a favorable journalistic treatment, this should be exposed in media, but as stated, media only go after those who criticize the government and the politicians.

To put it bluntly, Sweden is a total bananarepublic and there is no hope of improvement since the intelligentia leaves Sweden in record numbers for a future in a more sane, in a a better country.

May God forgive the politicians for what they have done to the country of Sweden, a former civilized nation, but no longer.

Arab robbed swede left him to die on train track Sandsborg subway T-banan tunnelbanan crime brottslighet efterlyst.

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